Pride Rally Against Pinkwashing

Originally published by PLUS

Join us this next week in Eugene, Oregon at the Park Blocks in front of the Lane County Courthouse on 8th St at 2 pm on Saturday, June 15th for our Pride Rally Against Pinkwashing!

If you aren’t aware, Pinkwashing is a tactic of imperialism that weaponizes the LGBT+ symbolism and issues to bolster the interest of imperialist institutions and attack countries outside the imperialist bloc. It does not serve the interests of the LGBT+ working class anywhere. Israel showcases a key example of this, as we wrote about in the Stonewall Lives! Bulletin. Please bring signs and flags that encompass both the LGBT+ struggle and the Palestinian struggle.

Wearing a mask is highly recommended. Bring water as well, it’s gonna be warm!

Stay tune for more updates as local organizations endorse this event and we can provide more details!

Peoples LGBT+ United Society